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Yesterday on The View, with the rest of the brain surgeons, Chelsea had a few choice words of wisdom to pass on to the rest of the world.

Clinton:, “I think we’re seeing more Americans join the Democratic Party because we’re in the business of solutions. We hear every day from the White House kind of what their plans are on infrastructure. Infrastructure is repairing our bridges and tunnels. It’s also supporting the care in our country. Too often, the men and women who provide care for older Americans and youngest Americans aren’t sufficiently compensated and protected. It’s the infrastructure of high-speed internet. It’s the necessary infrastructure that is not only climate-smart but hopefully, will help do more than stop climate change, but really preserve our environment long into the future. I think it’s more that Americans are responding to that, to prognosis pragmatic solutions. That being said, I would agree with former Speaker John Boehner’s diagnosis of what has gone wrong, but the also opportunities for what can go right moving forward.”

Wake up America. Talk is cheap. With all the time her mother and old man spent in office, why didn’t they take to infrastructure by the horns and clean it up then??

Just like J J (Jokin Joe). Many of the problems that exist today he had a hand in developing. With over 50 years in office, now he is going to correct them. Nothing BUTT Monday Morning quarterbacking at it finest.

The primary reason the democratic party is growing so rapidly is because all of the kids coming up are sucked into this nonsense that everything in this country is FREE. As they become eligible to vote, where do you think they are going to pot their X. Your got it right, in the FREE column.

As far as the opportunities to move forward; they are sure doing a hell of a job at the boarders and everything thing else they great their shit hooks into.

This is a pure example of what they do best; set up a committee to the tune of millions of dollars to correct a problem that, if it hand teeth it would bite them on the ass.

Nothing BUTT Monday Morning quarterbacking at it finest.

See yesterdays post.


Posted on 04/15/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

Is Chelsea speaking as a private citizen or a possible future candidate for The Big Chair.

I was brought up under the rule of thumb; if you do not have anything constructive to say, STFU!!

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