This insanity involves all of us ….

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Some fools in the USA believe that these anti-American incidents are ONLY restricted or concentrated in cities like Portland and Seattle. They may be right, for now but …. If these situations are not brought under control; it is not unreasonable to believe that someday, they will spread across the country.

Adding to that possibility is the fact that the current administrations, local and federal do not see the severity of what is happening or encourage it and are doing little to nothing to squelch these vermin.

It is totally insanity to defund the cops or restrict them from doing their job. As the cops continue to abandon ship (who can blame them) the conditions are only going to get worse and more widespread.

‘Overworked, overwhelmed and burned out’: Why Portland … › crime › 2021/04 › over…

Apr 4, 2021 — Since July 1, 115 officers have left the Police Bureau, including 74 who retired and 41 who resigned. Two more will resign by the end of this …

This is playing right into the hands of the thugs. Little by little, the cops leaving their posts is going to play out in more and more cities.


Lawlessness is like a slow growing cancer; it usually goes unnoticed until it is so out of hand, then nothing can be done to bring it back under control.


Start throwing these reprobate/idiot politicians that foster this kind of lawlessness out of office

Politicians: Do what you have to do fools or the USA will someday resemble Mexico where the banditos have taken control of a good portion of the country. The banditos have more financial recourses and firepower than the government does.

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