Does this put the icing on the cake or what …..

Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After ‘Tell-All’ Book Holds Back

How does Hunter and J J bullshit themselves out of this one??? It is all in black and white and on video.

Daily Mail

  • Hunter Biden’s wild spending left him with huge debts to credit card companies and desperate to avoid jail for unpaid taxes, can reveal
  • Pictures, documents, emails and texts obtained by from Hunter’s laptop reveal he spent thousands of dollars on strippers and prostitutes
  • Biden even threatened to take $20,000 out of his daughter’s education savings account
  • Pictures found on the laptop show what appears to be thousands of dollars worth of crack bagged up on a scale, and Hunter naked and in bed with women
  • The numerous expenses left him strapped for cash when it came to supporting his new family
  • In an April 2017 email, [Hunter’s company] Rosemont Seneca Vice President wrote to Hunter detailing how he faced total bills of $476,231.60, including $60,467 on three credit cards and $320,417.85 in unpaid federal taxes

The BOY is an absolute scumbag. Better yet, the President of the USA is defending the Brat.

Hunter’s laptop is a pandora’s box of shocking revelations, explicit photos and intimate communications.
In the following days, will publish more shocking stories from Hunter’s laptop.
The Mail also promises to release more Hunter laptop drops:

The Mail obtained over 100,000 text messages, 154,000 emails and over 2,000 photos which were verified by top forensics experts, which reveal that Joe ‘became a punching bag for Hunter’s drug-fueled rants,’ and ‘paid his grandchildren’s bills when Hunter had drained his bank accounts with prostitutes and crack cocaine.’

Hunter appeared to be obsessed with making and starring in porn films with prostitutes, videos and photos on his laptop show.

The hard drive contains hundreds of pictures of naked women and naked selfies of Hunter, as well as dozens of videos.

Hunter photographed and filmed himself, often with two prostitutes at a time, in explicit videos that he then posted on adult website Pornhub under the username ‘RHEast’.

Hunter filmed himself with the women from his laptop webcam, sometimes shooting at different angles using an iPad and cell phone. 

Now he is one rampage trying to sell the trash he calls a book in an attempt to bail his spineless ass out of debt.

I would assume that a major part of his problems; his off the wall/irresponsible father never disciplining him and constantly bailed him out of one jackpot after another. As a matter of fact, J J EVEN gave the kid and his dead brothers wife the thumbs up after the kid crawled through her bedroom window after his brother/her husband died. That to me is about a low as one an get.

How does Hunter and J J bullshit themselves out of this one??? I am sure they will try.

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