Does not know the left from the right butt carries agun …

Minnesota officer meant to fire Taser, not handgun, in deadly Daunte Wright shooting, police chief says

500 National Guard personnel activated in Twin Cities Monday

The officer involved in this shooting claims she grabbed her gun thinking it was her taser and accidently shot the suspect. GMAFB!!

If that is a fact (very very hard to believe) that she mistook her gun for her taser, why the hell is she on the street?? As a matter of fact, to avoid that mix-up cops are supposed to carry their taser on one side and their gun on the other. How do you mix them up is beyond me!!

When I do these pieces on cops deliberately or accidently shooting someone; I don’t think of it is a black or white issue, I say it can happen to anyone of us.

Back to the drawing boards folks. Start teaching the cops the difference between their right and left and a gun from a taser.

If what they are saying is accurate, and it maybe, that does not change the fact that someone was killed and that there are some unqualified cops on the forces.

Someone lost a husband – father – son or brother. What a shame.

Is it a thankless job in this day and age being a cop?? Hell yes, who would want it?? But the fact is, they should be properly trained to deal with these situations.

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