Walk 10 miles but not 11 ….


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Is manipulated and pissed off the same thing??

If it was only that simple. Many of these philosophies are all well and good, but more times then not, if not acted upon in a manners the aggressor understands, they keep keep hitting you over the head with a ball bat.

Being too forgiving, many times by the mental midgets/bullies/thugs is construed as a weakness, a coward and a good case of stupidity. How many times does a person have to turn the cheek before they retaliate in kind??

We have to understand; there are people that do not understand kindness. I will walk 10 miles to avoid a confrontation, but if I have to walk 11 miles, that is when I put the brakes on and do what is necessary to get my message across.

It would be great if everyone in the world had the same forgiving character trait. It would be a much better place to live, but that is not reality.

How should the cops in Portland, the City of Doom, react or retaliate when some crazy bastard throws a Molotov cocktail, shoots at them or when some deranged fool is throwing bottles and bricks at them?? These animals do not understand kindness and need to be dealt with in kind.

I say; if you feel benevolent, depending on the circumstances and how critical it is, give the fool the benefit of the doubt and turn the cheek once, but never a second time.

If the eye for an eye philosophy was applied when these riots started; we would not have seen them escalate to the degree they are now.

As far as being a forgiving person, to a degree that is all well and good , but at some point in time we have to stand our ground.


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