It all started with the ridiculous politically correct movement ..

Bill Maher blasts cancel culture turned ‘summary execution’: ‘What happened to just accepting the apology?’

The days of seeking and receiving forgiveness for an error seem to be over in America, the HBO star says

It is ass-a-9 what some fools consider an insult and not politically correct.

There are ladies a lot of ladies (broads said respectfully) out there; if a group of construction workers whistle at them they get pissed off; BUTT if the boys do not whistle at them, that really fires them up.

It is preposterous how society has regressed in so many areas especially in the way we are expected to communicate. A guy can’t even tell a lady he works with she looks nice today without fear of being fired.

Some terms not politically correct.


AlternativesTerms no longer in use
Average PersonMan in the Street
BartenderBarman, Barwoman
Best Person for the jobBest Man for the Job
ChairpersonChairman, Chairwoman
Chief assistantRight-hand man
Cosmetic SurgeryPlastic Surgery
Person with a disabilityCripple
Economically deprived areaSlum
FirefighterFireman, Firewoman
First nameChristian name
Flight AttendantSteward, Stewardess
Gender reassignmentSex change
Has (e.g. asthma)Suffers from (e.g. asthma)
Hearing impairedDeaf
House helperMaid
Human ResourceManpower
Intellectually disabledMentally handicapped
Mail carrier / Postal WorkerPostman
OutcastBlack sheep
People with disabilities or disabled peopleThe disabled
Person with a mental health disabilitySchizo, mad
Police OfficerPoliceman, Policewoman
SalespersonSalesman, Saleswoman
ServerWaiter, Waitress
Sex WorkerProstitute
Single womanSpinster
Tax OfficerTaxman
Irregular ImmigrantIllegal immigrant
Utility HoleManhole
Visually impairedBlind
Wheelchair userWheelchair-bound / Confined to a wheelchair

The one that really caught my attention was the college that did not want the students to refer to the professors as Mr. or Mrs. because it was gender specific. I guess if you called them ass-hole that was acceptable.

Many of the fools that support the politically correct life style view themselves as highly intelligent people. So I guess calling them blooming idiots would not be acceptable.

I think it is crazy that we ae expected to walk on egg shell when dealing with one another.

I guess the founder of the movement would be appalled if they were brought up in the era I was when friends addressed one another by saying; where you been Mother – fer.

The PC-ers would have had a real problem being raised in my day; the days of the dozens. Don’t play the dozens the dozens ain’t your game; I knocked up your Ma Ma and your daddy got the blame.

People should loosen up, not be so up tight, learn to relax; it will decease your blood pressure dramatically, in the process, maybe you will get more people to actually like you.

This whole conversation resurfaced when Maher pointed to the controversy surrounding NBA player Meyers Leonard, whose career has been in freefall ever since he used an anti-Semitic slur last month during a Twitch stream while playing the video game “Call of Duty: Warzone.”

In my opinion; having your balls busted on occasion develops character. The people in the USA have morphed into a bunch Lilly livered, high strung, over sensitive fools. I have said this so many times. The tougher any person is raised (without brutality) the more backbone and character they develop.

The modern PC-pathetic parents are destroying their kids by sheltering them so much. Let the LITTLE DARLINGS eat a little liver once and awhile and get them off of the filet mignon. The LITTLE DARLINGS have to learn how to stand on their own two feet and learn to cope with people from all walks of life. Ball busting is a part of it.

Life is certainly not getting any easier. The more kids are taught on how to deal with any types of situations, the better off the will be. Mommy and Daddy will not be around for ever to protect their delicate little asses.

Like Bill Maher alluded to; ease off and don’t take life too seriously. We are only here for a short time (the older we get, the more apparent it is), so learn to enjoy it.


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