Mommy dearest …..

California mother who tortured, murdered son wants conviction tossed

Pearl Fernandez pleaded guilty in 2018 to killing her 8-year-old son Gabriel

Gabriel Fernandez and his mother Pearl Fernandez. 

Pearl Fernandez, the MOTHER who was convicted of torturing and murdering her 8-year-old son Gabriel Fernandez, has reportedly filed a petition to have her conviction tossed out. 

This jailbird bitch Fernandez, now 37, and her vermin boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, were both convicted in the brutal 2013 killing of her eight-year-old son, Gabriel Fernandez.

As we would expect; with our very efficient child protective system, social workers left 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez at home with his mom and Aguirre, despite multiple investigations into alleged child abuse.

Prosecutors said Gabriel was targeted for abuse because the pair believed he was gay. Gay at 8 years old? I am not saying it is impossible, but I am saying it is unlikely. The mother and her boyfriend are just two sick son-of-a- bitches that were probably hammered much of the time and concocted the story to use as defense.

Gabriel was repeatedly beaten, starved, tied up and made to sometimes sleep in a cabinet, authorities said. An autopsy revealed the boy had a fractured skull, multiple broken ribs and burns on his body; all because they THOUGHT he was gay. GMAFB.

I have a very swift and immediate cure for this bitch that calls herself a mom. Hang her and her boyfriend before sunset tonight (which should have been done in the first place). That will eliminate them from hassling the courts and save the government a pile of $oldi housing their miserable ass the rest of the their lives.

Some people wonder why criminals are not afraid of committing a crime. When they get sent up; they never had it so good. They go from living in a garbage pit to a life of luxury in comparison.

Half of their family are in there and most of their homies. It is like old home week; one gigantic reunion. BUTT; if they knew up front, by midnight the same night they were convicted; as they say in the old west; have a necktie party, I believe that would help to decrease the crime rate substantially.

Tine to wake up Judge Roy Bean:

Looking Back - Judge Roy Bean — Harris County Robert W. Hainsworth Law  Library

This punishment should only apply to the criminals that have been conclusively convicted through DNA testing or it was proven 100% they were guilty.

Not only do these criminal cost the tax payers billions of dollars to house; the rest of their miserable lives are spent costing the government even more by having to act on their off the wall lawsuits and defenses. Cut their water off completely.

How much does it cost to house an inmate in the United States?

The average cost of incarceration in the United States is determined by different methods. It costs anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000 per year to house inmates in federal and state correctional facilities; the considerable spread is due to the criteria used by government agencies and prison system watchdogs.

How much does the US spend on prisons 2020?In a new report, the Prison Policy Initiative found that mass incarceration costs state and federal governments and American families $100 billion more each year than previously thought. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the annual cost of mass incarceration in the United States is $81 billion.

AYSM!! 81 billion dollars to lock up criminals?? The idea of allowing endless appeals when someone has been proven 100% guilty is nuts. On top of it, of those sentenced to death, the majority of them will never see the hangmen’s noose. Makes no sense to me.

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