One governor with some brains and backbone ….

Wyoming governor signs bill requiring voter ID at polls

A state lawmaker who sponsored the bill called it a “victory for the citizens of Wyoming”

If a person does not have anything to hide; what is the problem with requiring a photo ID to vote??

Just like a drivers license that proves or should prove the driver is legally skilled to drive a motor vehicle, a voters ID will or should prove their eligibility. BUTT just like any other means of ID; cards can be counterfeited. At least mandatory ID cards will cut down on the fraudulent voters.

If there is the least suspicion a person is not authorized to vote; there should be a means of identification to verify their status.

It is only wishful thinking that the rest of the governors in the country would get on the voters ID band wagon. If any common-sensed steps to eliminate voter fraud were to be taken, it controls and takes away their corrupted voting schemes . There is the only one logical reason many politicians DO NOT want voters ID. Take the cheating away, that takes their advantage away of win an election.

How about that J J??

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