Cuomo sure knows how to make friends and influence people ….

Cuomo to hit New Yorkers with $4.3B in tax hikes

Even with Hot Pants Cuomo’s political carrier hanging on by a thread; he has found another way to piss of the citizens of New York by raising taxes.

New York State Is Set to Raise Taxes on Those Earning Over $1 Million

The deal, a sign of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s weakened influence, would mean wealthy New York City residents would pay the highest combined local tax rate in the nation.

If Andy is looking for a political life jacket to keep from sinking, all the folks from N Y are going to throw him is a 500 pound anchor.

This is the MO of all politicians. Instead of learning to work with what they have; their solution to getting out of hock is to put themselves deeper in hock. In the process, screwing the citizens of this country.

What they should do to make it a little less painful for everyone in the country that is getting screwed; send every tax payer a case of Vaseline.

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There is such a waste of taxpayers money in this country it is sinful.

Where’s The Pork? U.S. Taxpayers Funded A Lot Of Wasteful … › sites › 2020/09/30 › wheres-t…

Sep 30, 2020 — 3. Waste Examples: Hookers For Jesus ($530,190); tai chi classes in senior centers ($671,251); creating outdoor gardens at schools ($1.6 million); …

Most Outrageous Government Waste – Foundation for … › articles › most-outrageous-government…

4 days ago — Bureaucrats Have Little Incentive to Spend Taxpayer Dollars Responsibly … The federal government wastes money through grants to the most …

‘The Waste Report’ details $50 billion in questionable … › national › the-waste-re…
Sep 4, 2019 — … Report, U.S. Senator Rand Paul details more than $50.2 billion of government spending that he says wasted hard-earned taxpayer money.

Makes a guy wanna puke.

The list is endless. Instead of taking a good look at where they can cut corners, economize, tighten the belt to save a buck (that is too much work for them) their easiest solution is; raise axes and print more dead presidents. Our dollar isn’t worth the paper it is printed on and they still keep the press going around the clock.

Again I AXE; what are the fools doing about the National Debt that is ticking away faster then a hooker can change sheets between customers.

Is this astounding or what. They claim the USA is the wealthiest country in the world; well take a good look.

Foreign investors hold roughly 40% of the US’ debt

Country 🌎Debt held 💵
1🇯🇵Japan$1.3 trillion
2🇨🇳China (mainland)$1.1 trillion
3🇬🇧UK$425 billion
4🇮🇪Ireland$331 billion
5🇭🇰Hong Kong$267 billion
6🇧🇷Brazil$266 billion
7🇱🇺Luxembourg$265 billion
8🇨🇭Switzerland$251 billion
9🇰🇾Cayman islands$213 billion
10🇧🇪Belgium$212 billion

What happens when some or all of the debtors want to get paid?? Will that be the catalyst for WW III when china come across the pond on that big new aircraft carrier they built a couple of years ago??

China has built the world's largest navy. Now what's Beijing going to do  with it? - CNN

One of the 1st thing a good father teaches his kids; never borrow money. If they are forced to, pay it back immediately. With that in mind; I can conclude Uncle Sam has not been a good father.


To all the politician bums out there. Start spending the country’s money like it is your own. We all know you are tight as a frogs ass.

As far as Andy Cuomo increasing his popularity among the citizens of N Y; FA-GET-ABOUT-IT.

If all of the N Y residence did not view him as a shit bird before; you can bet your ass they do now.

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