Do nothing V P – all flash and no cash ….

Kamala Harris has gone 12 days without a news conference since being tapped for border crisis role

If a person never says anything or does anything they never have to be accountable.

Looking at the conditions at the boarder; what the hell can anyone really do?? Conditions are so out of kilter and hectic they may be beyond controlling.

I believe that Car-Mella is like so most other politicians; only make themselves visible when they can be heroes and accept the accolades; when it comes time to be the villain and take responsibility, they are nowhere to be found. I may have to give her a new handle and call her Casper the Ghostess.

What they have now at the boarder, because of her underling J J’s quest for vengeance is a real shit storm that she does not want to walk into. They created Frankenstein, now that he is out of control and they do not know what to do with him.

Image result for kamella creates frankenstein cartoon

As the old saying goes; be careful of what you wish for. This is the outcome when someone does a get-back out of spite without evaluating the possible consequences.

This same scenario is going to playout in so many other off-the-wall moves J J and company pull in their effort to turn-around the progress PDT made. They are going to fall on their face.

What kind of balls does J J have when it comes to directing HIS BOSS Car-Mella. She is doing what she pleases, when she pleases regardless of the orders J J gives her. So I guess we can safely AXE, who is running the show anyway??

Image result for Joe Biden AND KAMELLA CARTOON

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