Is the bum looking for sympathy???

Hunter says he began relationship with late brother’s widow when she was at her ‘neediest,’ he at his ‘lowest’

A bum is a bum is a bum and always will be. Any guy that would shack up with his brothers wife, whether the brother is alive or dead is a low-life bum, no two ways about it.

Any father of two brothers that would give that type of unholy arrangement his blessing is as bad as the bad brother. This is exactly what J J did as I eluded to in my post 2 days ago. By the way; J J’s wife, the good doctor also gave the brat and his shack-up broad her thumbs up.

Hunters book; who really cares????

Posted on 04/02/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

I don’t think J J is smart enough to realize that his brat kid is a brat because J J has been such an enabler in the brats life.

I have always admired the discipline the Asian families have:

7 Warning Signs That Your Child Needs More Discipline

#1. Your child has a sense of entitlement Balancing between making a loving home and a disciplined home is a struggle. …

2. Your child can’t take “no” for an answer This is a pretty dangerous mindset for a child to adopt very early. …

3. Your child lacks compassion, empathy, and kindness One of the most important things about being human is empathy and compassion. …

4. Your child lacks conscience and guilt Some children have an acute sense of guilt. Meanwhile, some others don’t. …

5. Your child doesn’t care about how other people feel Your child not caring about other people or how they feel is a sign they’re selfish. …

6. Your child blames others for their misdeeds This is when they can’t take responsibility for their actions. …

7. Your child is too demanding


With out discipline in a kids life they grow up totally out of control and in turn, when it is their time to be parents, they have no parenting skills; of which discipline is the top priority.

Some people mistake discipline and brutality by them going hand in hand. A parent can be a very good disciplinarian and still a loving parent; first of all by setting a good example. One does not have to be brutalize their kids to show them some sort of guidance.

One of the cardinal sins a parent makes is threatening or repeating something more than once. Say it once and expect them to listen. But by all means, make sure your demands/requests are fair and reasonable.

That old threatening term TIME OUT the permissive use time after time after time slays the hell out of me. They are the ones that need the time out.

GOOD JOB is another one that makes my blood boil. The Little monster Johnny smashes a frying pan into his mothers face and she tell him GOOD JOB JOHNNY. GMAFB!!

If J J and other fools like him would have followed my pattern; the brat would not be writing his tell-all book today. Hunters book; who really cares????

There is nothing more important a good parent can do than raise their kids to be responsible, respectable people and that starts by setting the example.

I can’t even count the times I heard of parents smoking dope or worse with their kids. Is that insanity or what?? The only dopes are the one sucking on the joint. Lead by example.

How can anyone back-out-of or deny this one?? In his own words:

See the source image

Note in the laughable title in lower left hand corner of the book: SKILLS TO TEACH OUR CHILDERN


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