Has J J done anything right since being in office???

Biden tax increases threaten small businesses, experts warn

Raising corporate and personal taxes can can cause major damage on Main Street

It is like the old cliché goes; everything the guy touches turns to shit!!

The pipe line cancelation – the wall disaster – opening the doors wide open to immigrants – planning to make the biggest tax increase in the USA’s history that is going to drive big business across the pond (the wheels that keep this country moving), the list is endless.

It seems to me ; the more ridiculous and harmful the issues are to the USA, the more he is approving them. J J’s actions are mostly to undue/reverse what it took PDT so long to develop.

Folks, I am not alone. Even some of the other side is starting to see the light. That is the only plus.

Column: Joe Biden is the worst president in history and he …


Jan 22, 2021 · Joe Biden is the worst president in history and he’s turning my dog into a socialist. … Since Biden took office, I noticed the national debt is nearly $28 trillion. What’s worse is it surged …

Joe Biden: America’s Dumbest Newest President | CNSNews


2 days ago · Joe Biden holds a campaign event. (Photo credit: JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images) Joe Biden just might be the dumbest president in recent memory. Just look at his sad press conference where he drooled and stumbled his way through. I know what you’re thinking, “This is Craig Shirley, a well-known conservative writer and speaker talking, of course he would say that!”

I still would like to know why; I have not heard any politician including PDT mention the National debt. How can we be so frivolous with our money when we are in debt up to our eye balls?? Answer; print some more.

Take a look and get ready to puke. The numbers are staggering.


Vomiting: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention in Adults and Babies

Any fool would think that a politician has to justify how the blow the taxpayers $oldi; like having a checks and balance system in place. That does not seem to be the case, with J J or anyone else. When they get elected, they have an open check book to do with what they want and not explain or get permission from anyone.

The most serious problem the American people may be facing; if by some stroke of luck J J buys the farm or gets incapacitate; his successor Car-mella and Nasty Nan will take the reigns. The Dastardly Duo, they are twice as crazy as he is.

Has J J done anything right since being in office??? Not from where I am sitting.

Whatever happened to the investigation of J J and his brat kid?? That also has been swept under the rug.

The power these thieves have is astounding and not in a positive way.

A big shout out to Dick W. Nice meeting you yesterday. Pass on the GG to all of your friends and family. The more COMMON-SENSE I can spread around, the better chance us patriots have.

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