Get the crying towel out for the kid ….

A good Marine would have pulled out the hook with his teeth – pissed on the wound – put some mud on it and continued fishing. They call it a horrific injury. AYSM??

Luke Bryan showed off a horrific injury that took place during a fishing outing with a friend on Tuesday.

The country singer-songwriter, who is 44, shared a gruesome video on Instagram on Monday that showed a fishing lure pierced through his thumb in two separate places.

“Well…this is gonna leave a mark,” Bryan says in a video as he stood inches from the water, showing an up-close look at his thumb with a bit of blood on it. “Pretty sure that’s in my bone.”

Come on Luke. I cut my finger off part way with a power saw and cut the remaining piece off with a scissors. Wrapped it up – drove to the hospital myself and had it taken care of. Now some people would consider that a horrific injury.

Just another day in the office.

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