Keep racism out of the military …..

Navy’s ‘extremism’ training says it’s OK to advocate for BLM at work but not ‘politically partisan’ issues

Pentagon press secretary dodges question when asked about training

If you do not draw attention to a situation that is not troubled, it soon will be.

It is my opinion there are no racial issues among the troops; but the fools that steer the ship are making one. Let a sleeping dog lie; don’t stir the pot if noting inside is cooking.

EXCLUSIVE: The US Navy’s “extremism” training says it’s okay to advocate for Black Lives Matter (BLM) while at work but sailors are not allowed to discuss “politically partisan” issues, according to training slides obtained by Fox News. 

You can talk about my daddy, BUTT you can’t talk about my momma. How about leaving the entire family out of the conversation and eliminate a problem that does not exist.

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