Insanity or what …

Blackburn questions ICE, DHS on spending $86.9M on hotels for migrants

Inquiry was sent to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and ICE acting Director Tae Johnson

How do we put the brakes on this insane runaway train??

Some one is making a shit-load of money.  Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn is demanding answers from the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tuesday over the $86.9 million the agencies are spending to house more than 1,200 migrant families in hotel rooms.

“As the current contract stands, the cost to taxpayers for housing 1,200 migrant families for six months is about $71,000 per person,” Blackburn wrote. “For a family of four, that amounts to a shocking $284,000 — enough to buy a small house.”

Where the hell is this ever going to stop?? Beat the shit out of your own kids; while you send people, some of which are drug leaders, murderers, pedophile and the like, to Disney Land for for a year long, all expense paid vacation. Does it make sense.

I would have said a few months ago; in my wildest nightmares, I did not think that the Biden administration could be so incompetent and reckless. I knew they would be out of control, BUTT not to this extent.

Was I ever wrong. Based on what I am seeing, this conglomeration of fools are out to destroy the USA and it does not seem anyone can stop them. The hand-outs and give-aways they are making is financial suicide. There are no words to express how pissed off I am; except WTF is the matter with these lunaticks?

Please provide me with a brick wall to beat my head against

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