In unity there is strength; but …..

I work at a Texas coffee shop. This is what it’s been like trying to enforce our mask policy

A coffee shop in Texas is taking a new approach to try and have their customers wear masks in doors. They fine the mask-less offenders.

I am a proponent of NOT wearing masks outside if distancing is practice, but on the inside it is a must.

If everyone enforced the same good habits, it would decrease the infection rate tremendously. It has been proven.

I don’t care about the heath of the fools that refuse to wear the mask in doors, I care about the healthy people they will infect.

Practicing good health habits is beneficial for everyone’s protection. Only self-centered, irresponsible people do not cooperate. This is one of the reasons we have so much inner-related tensions in the Good Old USA, we can not get people to agree on common-sense issues.

What is the answer?? Probably is none except:

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