Car-mella is hanging drapes with the boarder is out of control ….

Harris reportedly frustrated with ongoing VP mansion renovations as border crisis gets worse

While the boarder is in #shambles; Car-Mella is more concerned about the drapes in her new tax free digs than she is the country being #invaded. I would not expect any less from the future president (after J J is put to pasture, signed into an #institution or put in a pine box).

Watch One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest | Prime Video

Anyone in this country that thinks these politicians have any regard for the American people’s safety – health and welfare are sorely mistaken. If they did, they would not be pulling #irresponsible/destructive shots as they are.

They are all cutting their grass while the house is burning to the ground.

We Might Be Reaching 'Peak Indifference' on Climate Change | WIRED

Their only priorities are themselves. It doesn’t matter to Carm that J J specifically assigned her to oversee the activities at the wall; she is going to do exactly what she want, when she wants. After all, who is the boss anyway??

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