Major cause of the problem ……

LA County DA halts efforts to charge gang member suspected of murder as adult; boasted about gang in custody

He pleaded guilty and is being prosecuted as a juvenile

The bad asses kid told his homies; man my parent are nothing but a bunch of fools when it comes to discipline’. I can do mostly anything I want and they never do shit to correct or punish me, so why the hell would I behave??

The same thing goes for the judicial systems. If they do not impose the stiffest penalties allowed by law on these #THUG-WANN-BE gangsters, they will never get in line.

What kind of a message is law-enforcement send these young hoodlums’, and the rest of the criminal community? No or little consequences for their crimes only puts more fuel in their gas tank and all of the fools that admire them.

I made recommendations years ago; all crimes regardless of where they are committed in the United States should have a universal penalty. If they are committed in Alaska or Florida I, the penalty should be the same. That will eliminate the #bleeding-heart , #simple-minded, #permissive, #corrupted judges. What can be more simple.

I did this post over 7 years ago in 2014:

The problem being, the solution is too simple for the authorities to grasp. They rather continue down this insane road of leniency than to make a smart move like this and eliminate major problem in the future.

With the trends I see in this country, I know I am speaking to deaf ears.

The mentality of the criminals in this country is; why should we worry about committing a crime, they will not punish us anyway. Andddd, when I go to the slams, it is like old home week. Half of my family and 3/4 of my homies are waiting for me.

The way I see it, between the simple minded politicians and the nitwit judges; the USA is on a very slippery slope and if allowed to continued, it may already be too late to try and stop the avalanche.

Read the news. Does anyone see things in this country improving on any level?? Not me. Starting from the top down, we are headed for disaster. With the politicians, their schemes and corruption working overtime to turn the country upside down; what else BUTT disaster can we expect.

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