Better off burning it …..

An Asian woman assaulted in San Francisco plans to donate almost $1 million to fight racism


A 75-year-old Asian woman who was attacked in the street is taking the nearly $1 million donated for her medical bills and using it to combat racism, her family says.After Xiao Zhen Xie was punched in the face on March 17 in San Francisco in what police say was an unprovoked assault, she returned a punch of her own. “He bullies old people,” Xie said in a video taken after the attack by CNN affiliate KPIX. “So I gave a punch.”

She was better off burning the money.

Outdoor kitchen with open fire. Zapotec woman roasting meat for dinner.  Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca State, Mexico. Apr 2019 Stock Photo - Alamy

At least she could have roasted a couple of hot dogs.

If the people she donated the $oldi to do not steal it, they will piss it away somehow.

As for the pinks that punched the lady in the face, they need a good beating with ball bats.

While the world spins out of control.

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