Universally stupid ….

Mexico’s president says Biden immigration policies prompting border surge

‘Expectations were created that with the government of President Biden there would be a better treatment of migrants’

All because THE WALL and controlling immigration were Donny’s idea, and my I say, being very effective. If Trump would have not want the wall to be built and was in favor of opening the flood gates, the fools on the other side of the fence would have gone the other way. The spiteful sons-a-bitches are costing this country dearly; cutting off our noses to spite their face.

I’ll show you how the boss is

Now I AXE you. A commonsense question. Does any of this make sense??

Reporter To WH: Why Are Illegal Immigrants Given Hotel …


White House press secretary fielded a question about how detained illegal immigrants were being treated to hotel rooms near the border while last month following the Capitol riots, National Guard …

Biden Administration To Spend $86 Million Housing Migrants …


The hotels will reportedly be in Arizona and Texas, and the contract will start at six months with the option to extend it, DHS officials told Axios. Hotels have been used in the past to house excess migrants at the border when illegal crossers cannot be processed quickly enough, including during the Trump administration in 2020, according to …

AYSM?? What is the logic behind this. If our country was flourishing like Qatar where the average income is 130,0000.00$ a year, I would say, go ahead and share the wealth. That is not the case with the once powerhouse the USA where some poor souls are eating out of the city dump.

Yet; in all of their wisdom, the fools that hold the purse strings rather rather spend 86 millions dollars housing illegals than take care of their own. Do they have any idea that sooner or later the money well is going to dry up??

That is just one of the many example of the inadequacies of our government officials. Would the feed strangers if their own family was starving?? I hate to hear the answer.

This was back in 2019. The price tag had to multiply substantially since then.

Fact Check: How much does illegal immigration cost the …


Jan 27, 2019 · “Illegal immigration costs our nation $275 billion a year. You hear many different numbers. You can say, ‘billions and billions,’ but the number that I hear most accurate is $275 billion a year —…

If J J and company continue this drunken sailor’s spending spree, it will not be too far down the road when the bottom is going to drop out. Where is the end of their insanity??


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