Is the price they pay worth it …..

Spring breakers arrested for allegedly drugging, raping woman who later died

Is the price the community pays worth allowing animal like this into their cities for spring break?? Vermin like these two only go to these events with ulterior motives of destruction.

Spring breakers arrested for allegedly drugging, raping woman who died

Two North Carolina men (I call them animals) in Miami over spring break were arrested for drugging and raping a 24-year-old woman who was found dead in her hotel room.

Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, are also accused of stealing the unconscious woman’s credit cards and using them during their South Beach vacation, The Miami Herald reported. While the lady was passed out, both of the animals raped her. It is not clear yet if their involvement with the unnamed lady was the cause of her death.

With incidents like this, capped off with rioting and destruction, is allowing spring break worth the price??

Spring break; what the hell do they need a break from?? They don’t work, they don’t attend schools, probably living off of the government, waiting for some imbecile politician to approve their reparation check.

Putting all the lose ends together, it is a foregone conclusion that this country is spiraling out of control. It seems to be getting worse everyday.

Meanwhile; there are some idiots controlling the purse string this country looking to defend the police. Does any of this make any sense??

A lot of people thought when J J was elected, there would be a de-escalation of these problems. To me, conditions are just a bad or worse. A the very least, we had a president that believed in law and order. The fool now sitting in THE BIG CHAIR is totally irrational and incompetent.

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