The selective pick and chose networks ….

CNN, MSNBC erupted over Trump’s ramp walk — but virtually ignore Biden’s staircase stumble

An MSNBC reporter called Biden’s stumble a ‘human moment that happened to a human’

If Trump would have tripped, not once BUTT twice and fell once, CNN would have been all over it like butter on a baked potato, accusing a man, that never had a drink, of being a drunk.

Is stuff like this news worthy?? Is the health of the president of the USA an important issue?? Absolutely and should be reported by all news agencies.

There is no doubt in my mind, J J is not firing on ALL 8 , possibly not even on 6, mentally and physically. This is one of the reasons he was tapped for the job by the big money. They knew he health meter was running and would not make it to the finish line.

Soooo, here comes Car-Mella sliding in, the 1st black female president. What a devious/clandestine and crafty plan they deliberately put together. The chips are now falling (no pun intended) into place.

Car-mella and Nasty Nan; what a combo made in hell!!!

Pelosi isn't just failing as a legislator. She is failing at basic politics  | Carl Gibson - GulfToday
These two bandits make Al Capone and Frank Nitti look like novices
Al Capone and Frank Nitti Signed Dollar Bill

I have repeated this many times and will continue to do so; be careful of what you wish for!!


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