Skating on thin ice ……

Russia warns Biden calling Putin ‘killer’ put US relations ‘under the threat of collapse’

Russian strongman mocks Biden after president warns Putin will 'pay a price' for election interference

Is it worth the price we may have to pay for J J (Jokin Joe) running his mouth and calling Putin a killer?? J J is widely known for shooting off his mouth and saying things he should not.

I don’t see anyway that J J is going to apologize to Putin. It would be too humiliating for him to eat humble pie. I hate to say it, BUTT I do side with The Judo Guy on this one.

On top of calling Putin a killer, now J J is threatening Russia that they will PAY for interfering with the elections. J J is all talk. What doe s he mean specifically??

Putin is suggesting they have a one on one live conversation, no holds barred to square these issue away. I would love to see that happen.

J J better think long and hard on this one before going any further down this dangerous road so the entire country’s does not have to suffer from his ignorance.

Just incase everyone has not noticed; The Judo Guy has a no nonsense personality.

There are a many things that separates the Russians leader from the American. One major is, the American leader only sells WOLF TICKETS, the Russian BUYS them.

J J runs true to form with his former boss TMC who threatened the shit out of everyone in the world BUTT was only a lot of conversation and never followed up on his words. I can tell you, this is not the way the Russian Guy operates.

Countries have gone to war for a lot less. The socio-democrats aggravate Trump for years for things he said. This accusation coming from J J is much more severe than anything Trump said.

Put a gag in it Biden, think before you speak.

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