From Fox News – Biden stumbles multiple times, falls as he scales Air Force One stairs

Stumbling – bumbling Biden – our president

Biden stumbles multiple times, falls as he scales Air Force One stairs

As much as I dislike the man, I sort of feel sorry for him. I hate to see people being humiliated.

Long before the election, J J made the deal to be the Sacrificial Lamb and he is well on his way completing his mission. When the time is right, he will be lead to the back yard to the waiting chopping block; 10 minutes later Car-Mella will be the president of the USA.

Image result for sacrificial lamb

They got what they paid for. They wanted a mental and physical crippled, now that is what they have. All of the signs were present long before the election, BUTT the majority (if the election was on the up and up) voted him in.

It is just a matter of time before Car-Mella slides over to the 1st seat and Nasty Nan slithers over to the 2ns seat. Then the well orchestrated deception of the American people will be complete.

Only a fool would not recognize that this was the game plan from day one.

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3 Responses to From Fox News – Biden stumbles multiple times, falls as he scales Air Force One stairs

  1. There is something very phony about this. When was the last time you saw Joe Biden even capable of jogging, let alone do it up a stairs to the plane? He was nearly half way up, when it is like wait a minute I am Joe Biden, I must quickly look weak and feeble and stumble 3 times! I forgot myself for a moment, didn’t stage it correctly. Conspiracy theorist believe we are watching a movie, this is not the real Joe Biden, but an actor. It does seem for a moment he forgot how to play the part. Think about it, everywhere else, you see Biden shuffle along, like Tim Conway! When he walks away from a podium, it is a slow shuffle. Jog half way up those stairs……..NO WAY.

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      …and no one ran to his rescue

      • I know right! Everybody knows how feeble he is, and they let him climb that stairs on his own, nobody near him? And you are right, nobody came to assist him. If the President of the United States falls, even if he is 36 years of age, there would be someone right there.

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