Mask up or get fined and thrown in the slams …..


The US may be on the cusp of another Covid-19 case surge, one expert says — a surge that health officials have repeatedly warned about as state leaders eased restrictions and several lifted mask mandates.

Because of a few ignorant people; the USA is putting itself right in the path of Mr Corona having some of his relatives coming to visit.

One of the most outrageous stunts the USA is pulling is allowing 1,0000′ of illegals entrance to this country, not knowing what they are bringing with them in the way of poor heath or criminals. The fools that run this country are about as ignorant as anyone can be. They are trying to eliminate Covid-19; BUTT yet they have the immigration gates wide open allowing potential carries entrance. Let us get some consistency folks!!

In my opinion, I think the virus is here to stay for quite some time in one form or another. There should be a mandate that EVERYONE (including the ignoramus John Kerry) be compelled to wear a mask anytime people are indoors. Open up the entire country. Anyone that does not mask-up will be fined and thrown in jail, no exceptions.

Climate czar John Kerry caught going maskless on flight

Out door activities should draw a pass on masks as long as there are not enormous congregations.

The fools that refuse to mask-up in doors are not hurting themselves, but everyone around them.

There should be security at all entrances of businesses denying anyone entrance if they do not have a mask. We are all in this fight with the INVISIBLE KILL ( a phrase I coined) together. In unity there is strength.

Pull together = win together, pull in opposite directions = disaster.

Countries can and do function very well even if they do wear masks. The Oriental people have been doing it for decades. There is no reason the USA can not get beck to BAU and still wear masks.

Coronavirus Fears Drive Demand for Face Masks, but Some Experts Doubt Them  - WSJ

What is the first thing a person does when they leave the house. Naturally, put on the shoes. Putting their mask right next to the shoes will help them not forget. If repeated consistently, it will become part of our everyday routine.

A little different, but relative: listen to Smokey

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