I do not blame the #Judo-Guy …..

Russia wants US to apologize over Biden’s comment about Putin: report

Biden was asked this week if he believed that Putin was a killer


Kosachyov was referring to an interview Biden had on ABC News this week when he was asked if he believed that Putin was a killer. Biden said, “I do.”

#Discretion is always the better part of #valor. Does J J know how it say; that is a big accusation and I do not feel comfortable answering.

Many times in our lives, we encounter situations that questions are better off left #unanswered. We can think what we want, but based on circumstances, be selective in what we say. J J (Jokin Joe) is a good example of that.

Going back a little further; it is my opinion that one of the reasons PDT lost the election by saying things he should have kept to himself. Honesty is a great quality; BUTT #diarrhea of the mouth can get very messy.

Even if it is the truth, he probably is right, BUTT should J J call the Judo Guy a #killer?? Does that make for good #public-relations especially when relations between the two countries is so #tenuous.

Hell no. I do not blame Putin for being pissed off. We are not talking about two kids #playing-the-dozens in the schoolyard, we are talking about a world leader taking a pop shit at the other. Sooner or later, the Russian Dictator will get comeuppance at J J for being disrespectful.

The USA must learn a hard lesson. Over the years it has cost our government trillions, upon trillions of dollars and countless lives sticking our nose where it does not belong. Have we made a difference?? None that I can see.

All of the wars we have been involved in for since WW II, we have gotten our ass kicked, 100’s of 1,000’s of people killed and trillions of dollars lost. All for naught. They were wars started for profit.

There are brutal ways in which other countries have ruled for centuries, and there is no way they are going to put it to bed just because the BAD ASS USA doesn’t like their methods of governing. The old saying is; clean up your house before you criticize mine. Are their methods of governing very humane?? Hell no, but they are not going to change anytime soon.

Is it worth it to start a war just because of what some politician says?? Whether they we know it or not, all of the waring countries need to depend on one another in order to keep us from #annihilation. All we need is one fool to press the RED button that can means curtains for just about everyone on the planet.

J J is not smart enough to realize, he is playing #RUSSIAN #ROLLUTE with comments like that.

This is just one of many incidents the classless J J showed his ignorance.

Biden tells Trump to ‘shut up’ during presidential debate – Bing video

I don’t care what the circumstances are, no on should tell the President of the USA (even if it were TMC) to shut up on national TV. I am surprised that Trump did not have a come back. This is one of the times he should have, but did not speak up.

I would love to see The Judo Guy and J J get on the mats and may the best man win.

Image result for putin judo guy

I am certain that Putin is going to settle the score somehow; I hope it is not leveled at all American people. I do not see J J making an apology.

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