You wanted him and now you got him ……

Just think the damage and destruction this fool can do in four years. It has only been a few months since J J got elected and the malicious (many to get back at Trump) moves he has made so far look like a swarm of locusts devastating millions of acres of farm land. They are going to pick this country clean.

Shocking pictures reveal incredible scale of Kenyan locust plague | Daily  Mail Online


Dems prepared to jam through trillions of dollars in spending from your pocket for Biden wish-list item

Mayor fuming as feds plan to drop off migrants in his town

US will house thousands of illegal migrant teens in major city

Farmers blame Biden for ‘promoting division’ with billions in COVID-19 relief for non-Whites

IFFFF , I say IFFFF some of these changes/decisions J J is trying to enact had any commonsense behind them, I would agree with him. They have none whatsoever. It seems to me that J J and the puppeteers that are pulling his strings are on a mission to turn the USA into a 3rd world country. If they are not stopped, this is exactly how the country will wind up.

GOP chairwoman calls out Biden for ‘falsely claiming credit’ for Trump’s vaccine wins

Hannity: Biden’s planned tax hikes, ‘green socialism’ will hurt every American

Even CNN acknowledges what the mistakes J J is making.

Southwest border crisis leaves Biden vulnerable on all sides

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN

Biden is boxed in on immigration as migrant children crisis continues

By Priscilla Alvarez and Lauren Fox, CNN

Updated 3:50 PM ET, Mon March 15, 2021

Folks; this is just for starters. Is there any stopping this insanity???

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