Whitey is at the bottom of the barrel ….

What is going on?? Is the white man chopped liver.

Columbia University is planning to hold six additional graduation ceremonies for students according to their race and other aspects of how they identify.

The New York City school’s website details graduation ceremonies for Native, Asian, “Latinx” and Black students taking place for Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, General Studies and Barnard College at the end of April. Another dubbed “FLI Graduation” is for “first generation and/or low income community.” The school also hosts a “Lavender” graduation for the “LGBTIAQ+ community.”

Better be careful of what you give away, you will never get it back.

On the other hand: Last month, Young America’s Foundation flagged a “Whites-only caucus” event scheduled to take place at Elon University. It was intended to “give white people a space to learn about and process their awareness of and complicity in unjust systems without harming their friends of color,” according to an email distributed by the university.

If we really want to get a handle on racism; there should be a lot less defining one race from the other. We should all be treated equally and referred to as Americans. I am afraid that is wishful thinking and a very long way off, if in fact it ever does come to fruition. In many cases all these compensations only create dissention among the masses.

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