I have been saying it for years ……

‘Dangerous Precedent’: GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Says Politicization of Military ‘Must Stop Now’

I have not doubt that before J J (Jokin Joe) is finished, he will destroy the one thing that has kept our country safe, the military. Let us not forget what he X-BOSS (TMC) did while he was in office, run the military into the ground.

Obama Drastically Cuts Military; Sparks Heated Debate in …


The Obama administration has announced plans for a cheaper, slimmed down military, eliminating its ability to fight two major wars simultaneously. Search Obama Drastically Cuts Military; Sparks Heated Debate in Congress

Worst. President. Ever: Obama’s Contempt of US Military Might


Jan 09, 2017 · The problem with Obama saving money on defense is that the US is becoming weaker militarily while the world becomes less safe. Also, it’s shocking to see overall government spending going up while the military spending is so drastically cut. Everything Obama did was a slam on the military.

Stupidity and anti-American at it’s finest; and J J is running a close second.

I still would like to know; what #complimentarily material can they put display in TMC’s1.7 billion dollar library that is on the books for construction??


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