Does she mean a #HARD-ON????

Cuomo accuser Karen Hinton says he was ‘aroused’ when he hugged her

Hinton said: “I felt extremely uncomfortable and actually shocked. Nothing had ever happened that way between the two of us.”

Holy Moley; they are sure getting #graphic/specific!! “He approached me, embraced too tightly, too long and was #aroused,” Hinton said. “I felt extremely #uncomfortable and actually shocked. Nothing had ever happened that way between the two of us.”

If all of these #allegations are true and I believe that at least 90% are; what does it take to get this #Horney #Toad booted out the backdoor??

84 Kicking Butt Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

Instead of being remembered as a womanizer – pervert – bully – ego maniac – narcissist; The Boy will be remembered as a stupid womanizer – pervert – bully – ego maniac – narcissist.

It is astounding that Andy Boy still thinks he is going to beat this rap. If he would have made his #mea=culpa when the allegations first surfaced, some of the other possibly would not have surfaced.

You can bet you sweet booty; there are going to be some very heavy lawsuits for #reparations. I wonder if his insurance company covers #perverts??

I was even considering the possibility that these episodes were only recent and possibly Andy was going through #male-menopaused, BUTT that is not the case. He has a long history of being out of line.

So it is safe to say he has been an #ass-hole for quite sometime!!

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