They have never figured how to economize, their solutions is, tax us to death …

Biden reportedly planning first major tax hike since 1993 in next economic package

Spending bill could include hikes in the tax rate paid by corporations, wealthy Americans

Biden planning largest tax hike in decades to finance spending: report

It is so easy for these #fools who call themselves leaders. They do not to work hard (work being the key word) to figure how to survive and make due with what they have, or to take care of their own before illegal immigrants or sending trillions across the pond; their only solution to survival, RAISE AXES. Isn’t that simple. Even a f-in moron could take the easy way out. Raising taxes does not require any skill or ingenuity, or effort for that matter, just the swipe of a pen.

Speaking of morons; J J (Jokin Joe) is reportedly planning to include the first major tax hike in close to 30 years in the next economic spending bill set to follow his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. Much of it does not benefit the American people.

Easy way out. It is very difficult to look at all of the foolish squandering the USA is engaging in. Blowing a lot of that money that can be utilized in our country, for the benefit of our people.

It has taken these fools month of doing nothing to come up with a pathetic plan like this, all the while some American people are living below the poverty level. What are the politicians doing, doing what they do best; playing weith themselves.

I really believe that the good majority of politicians have lost all sense of reality. That is if they had any to start with. They do not know how to connect with the average citizen.

This is just part of the pork they slid in under the door.

What kind of pork does the US give to foreign countries? And now, on to the pork… which includes billions to foreign countries, US military weapons purchases which go above and beyond their budgets, $40 million for the Kennedy Center, and nearly $200 million so that federal HIV/AIDS workers overseas can buy cars and car insurance, among other things.

40 million to the Kennedy Center. What the hell does the Kennedy Center have to do with the starving people we have in this country?? This deserves a Big AYSM!!

US Foreign Aid per Country: Who Gets the Most in 2020 (

One of the most incomprehensible countries to receive foreign aid is # 14:

14. Iraq received a total of $802,018,707 in foreign aid from the US.

Iraq is one of the biggest recipients of United States foreign aid in the world. In 2018, the United States provided $347,860,000 to help stabilize the region. They also provided economic aid for the destruction of world oil prices, the stabilization of territories gained back from the Islamic State, and humanitarian aid to the needs of displaced citizens. The funding also provides food, clean drinking water, emergency services, support for local businesses, and the rebuilding of health and education services.

Nearly all of these countries the USA is helping to support; if our country was dying of thirst, they would not piss in our mouth. It is absolute mind blowing the recklessness of our politicians.

What could be done with the trillions the USA gives away is staggering. As we can see by the postings, these items/areas have been neglected for decades. The politicians only get off their dead ass after a tragedy happens.

Image result for bridge collapse

More than 54,000 bridges in the US need repair, a report …

Feb 02, 2018 · There are more than 54,000 bridges in the United States that need to be repaired or replaced. That’s good news – relatively speaking – because a year ago, the …

America’s Aging Dams Are in Need of Repair – The New York ……

Feb 23, 2017 · Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers After two weeks that saw evacuations near Oroville, Calif., and flooding in Elko County, Nev., America’s dams are showing their age. Nearly 2,000…

Folks; I am not one to give in easy because the road is getting bumpy. BUTT I can tell you; my outlook for the future of the USA is very bleak. All these fools can do is figure out more ways to piss away the tax money so they can raise taxes again.

I hope the people that vote these clowns into office got what they wanted. Buckets!!!

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