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Today Dr. Ben Carson responded to “cancel culture” on banning six Dr. Suess books by penning the charming poem below. Dr. Carson is not only a famous highly skilled neurosurgeon, he is also a brilliant and clever poet.

“I do not like to cancel books
I do not like the way that looks
I do not like it here nor there
I do not like it anywhere
I do not like it in the store
I do not want it anymore.
I do think it is past time
For thoughts to not be a crime
I do hope one day to see
Across my country tis of thee
Books used to read and learn
Instead of set ablaze to burn.
Our heritage for all to share,
Freedom, freedom everywhere
Our nation’s story rich and vast
Our true history taught in class.
A special place for all to be
A place known for its liberty.”

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben is a stellar example of what an #EDUCATION can bring out of any human-being. He is a man that should be admired and respected by all.

I have been preaching EDUCATION from my soap box for years as the ONLY means to success.

#Ignorance and lack of EDUCATION can be #fatal.

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