From Fox News – West Coast cities erupt in violence on Breonna Taylor anniversary

West Coast cities erupt in violence on Breonna Taylor anniversary

These imbecilic rioters couldn’t give #two-shits about Brianna. All they are looking for is another place to exact there #destructive impulses. It is a shame that there are elements in this country that are #salivating at the opportunity to throw trash can through the window of a business, or set the local police station on fire. WTF is the matter with these fools??

The Rioters, not peaceful demonstrators, are reprobate, scum-of-the-earth and should be dealt with in kind. Who in the hell in their right mind would want to be a policeman these days in these war torn cities and have some son-of-a-bitch throw rocks, bottles and fire bombs at them??

See the source image

Are you kidding me?? This is not what they signed up for. The governmental leaders that are #preventing the cops from #retaliating in kind are #disgraceful and should be relieved of their duties.

Unless the rioters get the clear message that they will be dealt with in kind, this #insanity will never subside.

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