Everyday this country gets stupiderrrrrr ….

Fox News

Meghan Markle for president? And other dispatches from the UK’s Oprah interview fallout

Meghan and Prince Harry quit their official royal duties and self-exiled to Los Angeles

Meghan mulls future in politics, consults Dems: report

#AYSM??? What the hell is with these #wack-jobs; have they gone completely out of their minds?? Doesn’t the media and the rest of the country know; we would never consider some #weak-minded/status-seeker/insecure/publicity-houndess/suicidal/attention-seeking broad as our president?? One the other side of the coin; take a look at what we have now. If #hypothetical M&M was ever to get the nod (absolutely insane), this may be a step up. I did not say in the right direction, I said a step up. Possibly the #interview with #Oprah was their #coming-out-party, and the way to cut the ice, clandestinely announcing her running mate as VP.

Never say never folks. Take a good look at the #chaos we are witnessing in this world today. I say anything is possible. Who would have ever thought this country would have a #feeble-minded/womneizing/crook sitting in The Big Chair??

While we are talking about it; where did all the #allegations of #corruption with J J and his kid in Ukraine #disappear to?? J J was the #power behind his kids connection in Ukraine. Without J J’s clout and being the V P of the USA, Hunter would have never gotten a second look from the #thieves across the pond.


No available financial records show Burisma directly paid Hunter Biden. The $50,000-a-month figure stems from payments made to Biden by New York-based capital management firm Rosemont Seneca Bohai. Bank records show Rosemont Seneca Bohai received payments from Burisma, as well as dozens of other entities and individuals. It’s unclear why Rosemont Seneca Bohai was paying Hunter Biden.

J J even had a prosecutor in Ukraine removed from his position because he was investigating the the oil company the kid worked for.

The facts remain; the money the oil company paid to a management company did go to Hunter. 50,000.00$ a month from and oil company?? Some people say, the Kid doesn’t even know where the gas tank on his car is so he can fill it up.

www.usatoday.com › news › politics › 2019/10/03 › w…

Oct 3, 2019 — But sources ranging from former Obama administration officials to an anti-corruption advocate in Ukraine say the official, Viktor Shokin, was ..

At the heart of Congress’ probe into the president’s actions is his claim that former Vice President and 2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden strong-armed the Ukrainian government to fire its top prosecutor in order to thwart an investigation into a company tied to his son, Hunter Biden. 

To the best of my knowledge, these issue were never resolve; only swept under the dirty carpet of politics.

Soooooooo; jumping from the ridiculous to the #redicilouserrrrr; when some nit-wits are talking about having Mrs. Charles (Harry’s last name) run for the president of the USA, it does not shock me.

I know this is all about getting press and media attention, BUTT I would think there are more note worthy topics to write about than Mrs. Charles running for president. I am even foolish enough to waste my time doing a post on it. I just love to add the humor to it.

Is anyone #naïve enough to believe that M&M would have ever tied the knot with #some-bloke named Harry Charles if he was not a prince?? GMAFB. The lady is all about #attention/glamour and titles.

Remember what I said; M&M used to be an actress. The role she is pulling now is her Academy Award performance.


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