The deeper they dig …..

Reporter who covered Cuomo for years recounts governor’s ‘checkered, bullying, spiteful’ past

Former in-laws and staffers reveal tales of abuse, meanness and name-calling

The deeper they dig, the more #dirt they get on Andy Cuomo. It appears that the fool suffers from one of those #GOD like #SYNDROMS, where in his #feeble-pea-mind, he can do no wrong.

While serving as assistant secretary at Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Cuomo was known to hammer those who weren’t a part of his tight inner circle behind their backs. He allegedly called older civil service staffers “white heads” (deriding their hair color as a sign of their advanced age) or #”fuckheads” or #”dumb-fucks.”

Even in his own family they considered him a # verbal-physical-abuser and a #bully. While his divorce was going through with Kerry Kennedy (Robert Kennedy’s daughter), she was so fearful of him, she slept in a separate bedroom with the door locked.

“I’ve been a #human-rights-activist, and for women who have abusive husbands,” Kerry Kennedy reportedly told a friend, “and here I am enduring this abuse.”

I guess it is safe to say; Andrew Cuomo is wolf in governors clothing and not a nice guy.

As I have eluded to many times; the longer the fool drags it out, the more dirt they get on him and the more painful it becomes for everyone involved.

The Kennedy clan tired many time to develop a relationship with Cuomo all to no avail:

Kennedy’s eight siblings had given up on Cuomo before the divorce, however. “We tried to be gracious, but … it turned on his lack of humanity. That’s where I started to think, This is a bad guy. He’s just a bully,” one Kennedy sibling told Shnayerson. 

At this point, we can conclude, Andy Boy is #screwed- blued-and-tattooed and should give up the ship. He has nowhere to #run and nowhere to #hide.

One would think, being he has #3-daughters, he would be a lot more #respectful to the ladies. If for no other reason, they are the reasons he should have walk the straight and narrow.

Andrew Cuomo and daughters on life during the pandemic - CBS News

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