True complete idiots join forces ….

California’s Newsom hires ‘guaranteed income’ champion as economic adviser: reports

The new hire is Michael Tubbs, a former mayor of Stockton who provided $500 a week to some of his city’s low-income residents

Former Stockton Mayor Tubbs joins Newsom as economic adviser
Newsom sends his children back to private school classrooms in California

The only difference between the two idiots is, one is black and the other is white, BUTT they are BOOF idiots.

They BOOF fall in-line with their cousin TMC, the main subscriber to Universal Income (Guaranteed income same thing). Meaning; everyone in the country gets a monthly paycheck BUTT is not obliged to work for it. GMAGFB!!!

They wonder why this country is filled with #brain-dead-nonproductive-imbecilic-parasites with their hands out. On top of it all; these same imbeciles are the ones that have their hands out, looking for reparation. GMAGFB again!!! Will they ever wake up and smell the napalm that is burning this country to the ground?? It is doubtful.

Do these #fools ever wonder where the coin$ come from to pay their #worthle$$-a$$?? Doesn’t look like it to me.

They are the same type of people that totally neglect their homes year after year. The never clean – paint or do any upkeep. When the go to sell it, it is worthless and they wonder why.

There is only so much water in a well. If it is not #replenished, eventually it will go dry.

Are the #sons-of-a-bitches that stupid?? Any #halfwit will tell you, this is #not-a-workable solution to one of the country’s problems.

All of these #ass-a-9 moves are part of their major plan to destroy the USA with their twisted concept of #socialism. This country would last maybe 6 months if no one worked – collect a check and no taxes were coming in. How do these fools think any country survives, but from the taxes they collect from the #working-people.

Is it #fantasy-land they live in or #stupid-ville?? Probably #BOOF!!!


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