This is the mentality we have to deal with ….

Kamala Harris #ignores question on Cuomo #sexual #harassment #scandal

Biden, Harris silent on #allegations against New York governor

These are some of the replies that were posted on Twitter when Car-Mella was asked to comment on Cuomo’s criminal situations and walked off the stage without a reply.

Moni Sengupta #Khive #SussexSquad #SaveSanditon @moshimisen·Replying to @tperry518 and @VP

Why TF would she have a comment on Gov. Cuomo?

4013Lee@leecrough·Replying to @tperry518 and @VP

Why would she need to have a comment on Cuomo?

Why you may AXE?? To start with; Cuomo’s situation is a very political one and Carm is the V P of the USA and should be compelled to answer political questions.

Why didn’t she answer the question you may AXE?? Because her #sidekick/boss is as bad as Cuomo in the #sexual-harassment department and she does not want to stick her neck out. If she #bad-rapped Cuomo, she will be opening a #can-of-worms on J J.

It is astounding just how loyal the #democrat/socialist are when it comes to defending their own. If it was on the other side of the fence, they would have started building the gallows months ago.

Image result for building the gallows

I always AXE the same question, BUTT never get an answer. What if the victims was a family member of these #fruit-cakes, would they have a different opinion?? You bet your #Sweet-Bippy they would.

Image result for You bet your Sweet Bippy

When it comes to #protecting their own in the political arena, it is all hands on deck. When it comes to protecting the citizens of the USA from foreign invaders, it is a different story.

All of my life I have been trying to learn how to #reason/rationalize with an idiot. After all these years, I still have not come up with a workable solution.

I would not blink an eye or loose any sleep if the decision makers were the only one that were impaled by their halfcocked/illogical/irrational actions. BUTT it is just the opposite. The politicians who make the rules; every night on their way home (that is if the work at all), they drive by the #ghetto with the shades pull down in their limo, completely #oblivious (intentional) and go to their castles on top of Nob Hill, complete unaffected by what is happen down below with the little guys.

95% of them are all shameful. The other 5% are like Serpico; they could not change the system if they tried.

Serpico (1973) – Rotten › serpico

Frank Serpico (Al Pacino) is an idealistic New York City cop who refuses to take bribes, unlike the rest of the force. His actions get Frank shunned by the others and some of his own people tried to kill him …

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