So you want liberalism – so you want open boarders ..

You got it.

Mayor makes plea to Biden admin, warns of ‘dangerous situation’ spiraling at southern border

Border numbers expected to show wave as migrant children in custody triples, Biden DHS asks for help

The administration as recently as last week denied there was a crisis at the border

This is the same guy that claims he does not #lie/bullshit, does not have a gigantic problem respecting the ladies, denies his kid Hunter has multiple problems; so what the hell does he say that is believable?? Zero!! He must be the only one that thinks there is not a problem at the boarders. Try to sell that train load of #horseshit to the poor folks that live in the boarder towns.

I have always said; if we had a crystal ball; we might not want to look in it. The fools that voted for J J (Jokin Joe) may now wish they had a crystal ball back on election day.

Moral of the story – you buy a cheap suit, you get a cheap suit that soon falls apart.

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