Give Donny a call ….

DHS chief requests volunteers to help at southern border amid ‘overwhelming’ migrant surge

It never fails when people do things for spite instead of good sound #rationalization, they usually backfire in their face. The #gates-of-hell have swung wide open and the #devil is getting #overwhelmed.

This is exactly what happened to #Jokin-Joe and many of the decisions he made when he got into office #canceling-out some of the #beneficial guidelines and bills Trump had in place.

PDT used good judgement in #strategically controlling the influx of immigration into the USA by having control on how many immigrants that would be allowed to enter at one time. BUTT because it was the doing of Donald Trump, J J went nuts #abusing his #executive-powers and ruined the entire dinner it took Trump years to prepare. Now his illogical moves are starting to come back to bite him in that ass and he is looking for solutions.

I say to J J; give PDT a call and ask him or some sound advice.

It can be compared to inviting 10 people over for dinner, 5,000 show up and destroying your house.

I wonder how many people that live in the states next to the boarders voted for J J?? #2; do they have any regrets?? The #aftereffects of J J poor decision making if continued (I’m sure they will) to run wild, will eventually effect everyone in the entire country, not only the bordering states. It will become a wild fire with a very strong tail wind #engulfing everything in its path. Biden’s immigration policy will eventually help destroy the USA.

Not only are these #fools throwing the gates wide open to the immigrants; they are going to support these people, while #turning-their-backs on the citizens of this country that are starving. Is that signing our #death-warrant or what??

Can’t J J and his crew see the errors in their ways?? It does not make sense to change policy just for spite, only to make conditions worse than they already are.

This is just the beginning of back-fires that will plague if J J and company continue down they same path. I have no doubt that they will.

At some point in time an intelligent person would recognize the achievements a person has made, even if they are on opposite sides of the fence.

People that read the GG regularly see, as much as I dislike her I even went to bat for Car-Mella the other day. Give credit where it is due – chastise when necessary but always be fair.

If J J does not get a handle on his ego and start using good old common-sense instead of GET BACK, we al all in for a rough ride. My opinion; he is just getting started putting the noose around the neck of the USA.

Has anyone taking a good honest look at the condition in California – Oregon – Seattle and other states, can tell me that this is acceptable?? Coupled with the influx of immigrants and the homeless situation, it is the perfect storm.

USA – not far away from becoming a 3rd world country. .

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