Liz can not be a happy camper ……

British royal family plunged into crisis after Harry and Meghan allege racism and neglect in Oprah interview

It has been my opinion from the beginning; regardless of what anyone says, Liz is not #thrilled with her grandsons decision to marry a #bi-racial lady.

Prince Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah: top takeaways

I did this post back in 2017 along many others same lines.

Do I want to #go-out-on-a-limb and say that Harry made a #bad-choice?? ###Absolutely. Not because of #any-racial-predjuice, but the fact that he broke #tradition which is very (or at least was) #stringent in The Royal Family.

I watched the interview last night and have #mixed-feelings about it. On one hand I so very sorry for Megan, if in fact all she said was accurate. We have to remember one very important issue, she was once an actress.

On the other hand, it is my understanding she has been a #rebel in the family, not wanting to #conform to #traditional #protocol even before she and Harry walked down the aisle. It doesn’t seem that any of the other ladies’ that married into the family had the hard time she has. Some can be #self-inflicted.

It is no secret Megan was or is a status seeker and most probably bit off more than she can chew. It is #astounding, but she claims you have no knowledge of the traditions #protocol prior to her being married. If that is a fact, Harry dropped the ball.

One thing that is very apparent, M M is very well spoken and a extremely intelligent lady. For her to ASSUME that being married to a prince was like being married to some dude that just won the world arm wrestling championship, is unheard of. This is where the acting comes in.

She wanted her cake and eat it too. I think it is #disgraceful the #wedge she put between Harry and his brother. The old man Prince Charles doesn’t even take Harry’s calls.

If there is one thing that is positively on the money, M M has Harry’s #nose-wide-open. He is one devoted husband; possibly too devoted.

Number two that is a certain; there is nothing that goes on behind the Royal Gates that Liz does not know about or without her stamp of #approval. If in fact M M is getting harassed by the insiders as she claims, Liz knows all about it. You know; GOOD COP BAD COP.

I will agree that the British Media are #unmerciful. But on the other hand, if M M and P

I am sure that what the media did to Princess Di is always present in Harry’s mind. So much of what Harry is dealing with is extremely emotional.

It is a shame that M M considered #cashing-in. How believable that statement is, is up for debate.

All in all it is a very complex situation that can only get worse before it gets better.

The best thing for them is to sever their ties, cut the cord and be off on their own completely.

I may be pessimistic; I do not see a happy ending to #This-Love-Story

I may be wrong to a certain degree but, I don’t believe M M is as #innocent or naïve as she puts on. Just an opinion.

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