Breading grounds for stupidity and covid; our future leaders …

Popular Fort Lauderdale venue bans spring breakers under 23

The Wharf’s new policy aims to control crowds and slow the spread of coronavirus

What are the regulations for COVID-19 in Florida?

The Florida Department of Health has issued a public health advisory, as follows: Residents and visitors are advised to wear face coverings if social distancing is not possible, both indoors and outdoors. Refrain from gatherings of more than 10 people. Avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings.

The Florida officials are as #ignorant as the breakers. They are #banning everyone under 23 yeas of age. What the hell is the difference if a person is 5 years old or 22.5; they can still pass on the virus to others.

Just as it seems the USA is getting a handle on #kicking-Mr-Corona’s-ass, the #stupid-people crawl out from under a rock again and onto the beaches. Just like most things in their life; the do not take anything seriously.

44 Texas Students Have Coronavirus After Spring Break Trip - The New York  Times

#Falling-on-deaf-ears. I will guarantee; as a result of their #recklessness 10’s of 1,000’s of new case are going to pop up. This is one of the main reason covid is hanging around so long. It took almost a year for people as a whole got in line and wear the mask in public and these #fools can #destroy everything that took so long achieve in a #blink-of-an-eye.

I don’t care about the #non-conformist #partying-fools in Florida, I am concerned about the people they pass it on to.

It is a proven fact; if everyone pulls in the same direction, it is the only way to win this tug of war with the virus. #Foolhardy stunts like this can put this effort back months.

#Selfish and #stupid doesn’t even get close.

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