Now the same #sombrero is a on a different head ….

Migrant children are still being temporarily separated from relatives under Biden administration

Migrant children facility used to house minors separated from family (

Who are you going to blame now J J?? This is one of the key issues you and your crew broke PTD’s balls about. Instead of recognizing the complexity of the problem at the time, J J was rolling boulders at Trump for breaking up families.

Welllll ….

Now they see the light …. Biden administration officials have signaled they are pivoting away from Trump administration policies they felt were inhumane toward migrants, especially children. But as federal agents grapple with a rising influx of unaccompanied immigrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border, what to do with the children who come with an adult that is not their parent is becoming a rising concern. 

When the same Sombrero is one someone else head, than they see the difference. How does it feel J J??

When J J was V P he made very little noise and was not held accountable as his is now sitting in the # 1 chair. Situations always look a little more glamorous until you put on the jacket of responsibility.

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