The Japanese say; NO-BODY-STAY …..

Six weeks into the Biden administration and there still has been no solo press conference from the president. That is the longest stretch of silence from any new president in at least a century. By refusing to speak directly to the media, Joe Biden is attacking our most cherished democratic norms. Even CNN is complaining about it.

J J (Jokin Joe) probably has direct orders from #his-superiors (we all know he is not really in charge) to say as little as possible. The less a person says; the less they are responsible for.

Just one example of 1,000’s:

Image result for Joe Biden Gaffes List

Statements like this are #not-unusual for J J. They are not a slip of the tongue, they are his personal beliefs when he has a #SLIP-OF-LIP.

What surprises me; we have not heard much from Car-Mella, as much as I though we would. I figured by now, the #puppeteers would be #grooming her for the #takeover when the time is right. Anyone that does not think that plan is in the works; just wait and see.

Soooo; as long as they keep J J secluded and #under-wraps, the less he can say and the less chance he has of sticking his size 12 in his mouth.

The Japanese say; #NO-BODY-STAY – meaning – #nobody-is-home.

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