Putting it into perspective ……

The most logical #summation concerning conditions with the #Royal-Family; all was Quiet on the Western Front until Meghan Markle came on the scene with the intention to do things her way and turn Harry into a #mushroom. It is just that simple. She is a #self-centered-broad who had a game plan and follow it through to the “T”.

She should have been aware of all the conditions and the #traditions that would be expected of her when she marry into the Royal Family. She was looking for her prince charming; found him and turned him into #capitulating-fool.

There have been many more people that walked down the same Road she has and did not have a problem, or learned to deal with it.

It is like joining the Marine Corps. We heard of all the horror stories before we signed on the dotted line but did it anyway. We were not going to change the Marine Corps traditions because it was not to our liking or too tough; we had to adapt and stick it out.

The most important message the Queen can send her grand-daughter and Harry to get their attention.

YOU ARE COMPLETELY CUT OFF – COMPLETELY. Now if you want to sell bananas on a street corner, it’s strictly up to you!! You have two weeks to figure it out. The decision you make will be etched in stone and no turning back.

Queen Elizabeth Confirms Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Will Not Return as  Working Royals

I think that should get their attention. It is a shame that M M is as manipulative as she is and Harry doesn’t have the goolunies to stand up to her.

God save the Queen!

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