Thanks to Obama’s #unjustifiable, #unexplainable #generosity …

Iraq rocket attack kills contractor, wounds US service member, coalition says

Iraqi base hosting US-led coalition troops targeted in rocket attack, less than week after Biden airstrikes

Every time there is some killed by the Iranians, we can thank Obama (TMC) for his unjustified generosity in funding their campaign to destroy the world, especially the USA

The situation certainly looks unusual on its face. On Jan. 17, 2016, the day after four American detainees, including The Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian, were released, a jumbo jet carrying $400 million in euros, Swiss francs and other currencies landed in Tehran. That money purportedly was partial payment of an outstanding claim by Iran for U.S. military equipment that was never delivered. Soon after, $1.3 billion in cash followed.

I don’t care what kind of #bull-shit excuse #TMC and company conjures up to try and qualify theat move, they had no #justification for sending our arch enemy .18 cent$ let alone billion$ IN CASH.

#WFT is the matter with that guy?? Yet this very day he prances and struts around selling his billoof goods; while many people still #kiss-his-ass like he is the #Messiah. Go figure. The man has financed the #destruction of the USA. Will this little tidbit be listed on one of the shelves in his 1.7 billion dollar library, or will it get buried like so many other as-a-9 shots he pulled. ??

Barack Obama administration admits paying entire Iran bill in CASH from  taxpayer money | Daily Mail Online
Actual picture of a pallet loaded with 100.00$ Obama gifted Iran
Obama's con air: When giving Iran cash for hostages isn't ransom - New York  Daily News

And he has the nerve to Roll Boulders at Trump. TMC makes The Donald look like An Apprentice.

Shout It Out Loud--You're Fired! | MASSolutions Marketing Agency

Let us not forget who was sitting next to TMC when he was singing off on these #chartable gifts; none other than J J (Jokin Jo) Biden. It is #astounding just how #gullible and #ignorant so many Americans are that voted them in office.

Let me take a wild guess as to why the man would do such a #stupid/very-dangerous thing. Either he is most ignorant person on the planet that made a giant mistake; or he is in bed with his cousins in Iran. I may have to vote for door #1 and door #2. The split second Iran got their #shit-hooks on that money, they started stamping out #long-range-missiles

Let me share a thought with some people that do not get it. Iran can and will do the same thing to mainland USA as they did to the military base last week in Iran. Like the Chinese, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Human life means nothing to those people as long as achieve their ultimate goal; blasting the USA off the map.

Not that I am #clairvoyant; at the time TMC sent that money, I predicted exactly what Iran would use billions for; the production of long range missiles in their quest to destruction of the USA.

Massive Improvement' In Accuracy Of Iran Missiles Over Scud-B « Breaking  Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
Funded by TMC

This is one of many posts I did on TMC and his #Un-American #activities that funded Iran to kill us.

Who on this planet, that is not in bed with #TMC and his crew; give a reasonable explanation for his actions, except that he is one of them. We all know the man is not stupid, just #conniving/devious and unscrupulous.

For this and many other reason; I have to label TMC an enemy of the USA.

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