From Fox News – Tiger Woods crash investigation puts focus on SUV’s ‘black box’

Tiger Woods crash investigation puts focus on SUV’s ‘black box’

Ever since the  #philandering Tiger’s old lady #baptized him with that 9-iron, his brains have been scrambled ever since.

It is always surprise me how bad luck follows some people in this world who have world by the ass but are always behind the 8 ball . I don’t know if it’s bad luck, #karma or a little off their rocker. Maybe combined.

Maybe The Tiger should find another hobby instead of #demolishing cars, that can get pretty expensive. Maybe get himself a driver.

2022 Genesis GV70 SUV Rendering + Rumors

He seems like a hell of a nice person; but seems to be #plagued with #bad-luck, #poor-choice-of-women and being a #horney-son-of-a-gun. I know it must be pretty difficult to lead a normal life when a person is loaded as he is and all the trim in the country is trying to get next to him.

Image result for tiger woods after the beating his wife
The beating he took from his first wife
Image result for tiger woods after the beating his wife

The Caddy he wrecked when his wife was in hot pursuit, chasing him down the driveway carrying a golf club- he hit a tree – crawled out of the car, then his pissed off wife made a hole-in-one with his right eye. What more appropriate weapon to use on a golfer than a golf club.

I hope Tiger pulls through in good shape. He took a hell of a beating. Hopefully he will take my advice and hire a driver.

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