It took awhile but CNN came across ….

New York Times: Third woman accuses Cuomo of unwanted advances in 2019

• Chris Cuomo explains why he can’t cover recent allegations about his brother

• Analysis:Cuomo is trying to stall on allegations. It won’t work

It took awhile but CNN came across. I would think that they were pressured into reporting on this story and were sort of forced into it to save face.

I can’t say I blame Chris, the little brother for not wanting report objectively on the jackpot his brother is in. It is a tough situation to be in.

There are so many critical people that blame the family or relatives of a law-breakers that had nothing to do with the crime and that is not fair.

Let us hope Lady Justice does her thing!!

La Justica 12 Inch Lady Justice Statue in Bronze Resin

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