I gave Cuomo more credit than he deserved in the G-2 department …

Cuomo is not as street savvy as I thought he is. He hired the same ambulance chaser that his buddy Harv Wineburger used as a defense council.

Elkan Abramowitz

Behind the Trial: Elkan Abramowitz - Lawdragon

If I am not mistaken; Wineburger got his fat ass slammed in the pokey for a number if years. Good choice; soon not to be governor.

Although Cuomo hired Abramowitz in the nursing home cover-up; he probably will us him as a mouth-piece in his molestations case. I wonder if they have to pay these chasers if they loose the case??? Not a bad proposition. Win or lose the chaser still wins. Like the patient that dies while under-going surgery, they still send the family the bill.

When it comes to stupidity and arrogance; these guys are over the top. They are not even good criminals.


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