J J (Jokin Joe) and Cuomo MAYBE related ……

Cuomo says he was ‘being playful,’ but admits he ‘may have been insensitive’ amid sexual harassment claims


Only after the #thief is #caught #dead-to-rights with his hand in the cookie jar (in this case up some ladies dress) will they ever #admit they MAY BE wrong.

When the truth is finally uncovered or exposed as to what they really are; being sociopaths, I doubt if they have any remorse at all, except for finally being caught. I really doubt if they are truly sorry or ashamed of their actions. What shame a family has to live with.

Cuomo proved that in his statement; he was ‘being playful,’ but admits he ‘may have been insensitive’ amid #sexual-harassment claims, but did not admitting any wrong doing. May have being the key words. It seems that Cuomo has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Now is the time to get the wheels of justice moving and get him impeached and removed from office.

I can help but wonder how CNN is going to cover the story?? So far they have been maintaining #RADIO-SILENCE.

GOP nominee Marc Molinaro slams Cuomo for disability joke about brother

I know that politics and big money behind J J are what is keeping him safe for now. I am astounded that the pervert has gotten away clean with all of the shenanigans he has pulled. It looks like to me that J J has more clout than Wild Bill. Maybe someday real pressure will be put on courts and he will get what is due him.

Image result for biden mauling women

His problem is; he never ran across the right husband that would put him for a nap for getting out of line.

What We Know About Tara Reade’s Allegation That Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Her


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