When it rains, it storms ….

Disgraced Cuomo accused of sexually harassing another aide as nursing home scandal intensifies

Disgraced Cuomo accused of sexually harassing another aide as nursing home scandal intensifies

What bothers me almost as much as the #sexual-crimes, is their arrogance. They act like the public and their victims are imposing on them and they put on the WHO ME ACT!!

One of the most #famous/egregious/quotes of all times: I never had sexual relations with that women.

One of the best snippets in that boldfaced lie; I have go go back to work for the American people.

Wild Bill had a very lengthily history of sneaking through the back door.

See the source image

These are the incidents that were reported. We can probably triple that number.

How did this #degenerate #male-nympho ever get elected to the presidency?? Although not a bad, how did J J (Jokin Joe) ever get the nod?? Still today Willie is revered by some #numdskulls as an icon. #GMAFB!!

The little lady did not seem to mind. They came up in the hippie era where anything fair game. Drugs/ sex/alcohol.

Did some Arkansans in the 1970s think Bill and Hillary Clinton were  McGovernite hippies when Bill first ran for state office? - Quora

They haven’t changed much. Wild Bill shaved, got his mop trimmed and CHC took off the shades.

These wolves in political/celeb clothing are all cut from the same cloth. They would not know the truth if it bit them in their pecker.

They are supposed to be #highly-intelligent people, but are the really?? They have been #pampered/protected/sheltered and have beat the system for so long, they really believe they are above everyone else and rules and laws do not apply to them. Their lust for #power and #control is #overwhelming.

Is it just a coincident that most of these perverts are from the same political background and social circles?? Hell no. This type of #misbehavior is common-lace to their culture. They all believe they are special people.

Every Powerful Man Facing Sexual Harassment Allegations
See the source image

Many of the #perverts have daughters the same age as their victims. That alone should #preclude them from going out of bounds. It has to be #extremely-humiliating for their families to have to deal with these ordeals when they get caught with their zippers down.

We can be sure that there is a percentage of the accusers who fabricate their stories just to make the headlines and scare up a few dollars. But overall most of them are telling the truth.

I can understand why so many of the victims do not come forward at the time of the #assault; because they are treated as the criminal instead of the victim.

It is refreshing to see, in recent times, the judicial system is clamping down on the preps no matter who they are. It is about time the ladies get the justice they deserve.

Going after Cuomo will be very interesting. He has deep roots #financially and #politically.

I wonder how the boys are going to treat Cuomo when he is sent to the slams. I bet there are a lot of thugs he help put in there that would love to have a nose to nose conversation with the governor.

Most of the perpetrators have had the world by the ass most of their lives and believe they are untouchable. Let us dispel their illusion and hope the guy with the gavel does what he gets paid for.

Kentucky judges don't use gavels like they used to

Isn’t Cuomo one of the jokers that went after PDT for similar offenses. How does it feel Andy to have your neck the the harness waiting for the #guillotine to fall??

History of the Guillotine - Wikisource, the free online library

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